Telephone Entry System


Telephone Entry System

One of the most common methods of controlling visitor access at gates and doors is through the use of a Telephone Entry System (TES).

The Reason Why You Should Install TES:

A TES provides communication from a secured entry point, to a resident, tenant or into a building. Once communication is established, the person at the gate can speak with the person inside the property. In case the resident/tenant wishes to grant access, they can dial a number on their telephone. As a result it activates a relay inside the TES. In more sophisticated systems, telephone entry units may also provide control of access devices such as keypads, card readers or RF controls. These are known as Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems.

Our TES have the capability to work from single family homes to large gated communities with hundreds of apartment. Several of our products allow you to use your existing telephone line, eliminating the inconvenience of installing an entirely new line just for your gates. Whether you are using a high-voltage or a low voltage system, our extensive line of telephone entry systems will assist in providing the security you is looking for. Browse our site to learn more about our products some of them are here below.


Telephone entry system

The Different Types Of TES:

Telephone Entry System With Keypad.

Audio intercoms

Telephone Entry System With Camera.

IP Based Intercom systems.


Doorking 1812 Residential Gate Call Box

The Call Box 1812 is best seller telephone intercom system by doorking  that allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at the gate without paying an additional telephone line at their home. You can always upgrade this system to a cellular intercom system.

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Elika 460 - Wireless Access Control

Viking Elika 460 Allows remote programming of the system and updates in real-time through a website. You can choose between a variety of wireless communication options: 3G, 4G, Video Wi-Fi and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) over Ethernet or Wireless .

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Telephone Entry
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