Telephone Entry System For Your Driveway Gate

How to choose a Door Entry System: Telephone or Monitor?

telephone entry system

Audio Or Video Telephone Entry System?

An audio or a video gate entry system is an essential security element in any building or home. There is no doubt that security is an important key when it comes to choose an automatic gate entry system. At the same time, it is also important to choose a gate entry device that fits into the needs of the end-user. 

In order to select an audio or a video driveway gate entry system, we should know the features and functionalities that meet our requirements. At this point, check if you want a communicaiton system with image or advanced functions, or a basic or essential option is enough for your needs. This decision depends on the security level you are looking for and the comfort you desire in the home. Which aspects you should consider when it is about choosing a gate entry system? 

Sleek Design 7" Touch Screen And 1080p Live Video Streaming

Residential Gate Call Box
Residential-Gate-Call-Box-With-VIdeo (1)

Wireless Keypad For Automatic Gates

Watchmen Access Control and Monitoring Systems for automatic gates are compatible with all gate operators and designed to fully integrate with the keypad or push-button setup you are currently using.

  • Includes a  keypad, cellular communications module, and an antenna. It is assumed that power will be provided by the same source as the gate operator. Contacts are run from the personal cloud controller to the gate operator, triggering the gate to open.
  • Solar-powered systems are also available, which include a solar panel and a marine battery in addition to the other system components.
  • The keypad can store up to 1,000 codes locally, providing fast 100% reliable service, since it does not require immediate cellular communication.

LiftMaster CAPXM Smart Video Intercom

  • Make a great first impression with this scalable cloud-based smart access system.
  • Integrated video camera with 135⁰ view.
  • Control multiple entry points from a single dashboard with myQ® Community.
  • myQ Community app lets residents see who’s at the entrance before granting access.
  • Controls up to 2 gates and/or doors.

KPW250 Wireless Keypad

  • Perfect For Larger Commercial Applications Or Gated Entrance For A Small Business.
  • Flexible Setup For Multiple Users With 250 Permanent PINs And 10 Unique Temporary PINs.
  • Programs to All LiftMaster Gate and Door Operators.
  • Manual Gate Operation* With Constant Pressure Override Feature.

The Reason Why You Should Install Telephone Entry System:

A TES provides communication from a secured entry point, to a resident, tenant or into a building. Once communication is established, the person at the gate can speak with the person inside the property. In case the resident/tenant wishes to grant access, they can dial a number on their telephone. As a result it activates a relay inside the TES. In more sophisticated systems, telephone entry units may also provide control of access devices such as keypads, card readers or RF controls. These are known as Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems.

Our TES have the capability to work from single family homes to large gated communities with hundreds of apartment. Several of our products allow you to use your existing telephone line, eliminating the inconvenience of installing an entirely new line just for your gates. Whether you are using a high-voltage or a low voltage system, our extensive line of telephone entry systems will assist in providing the security you is looking for. Browse our site to learn more about our products some of them are here below.


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