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Monitor and Control Your Work Facility - Control entry to your business or facility with an access control system. Secure your building or sensitive areas with specialized credentials, advanced readers, alarm systems and reporting software.


Why Use an Access Control System?

When it comes to keeping your business and employees secure, access control is the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized visitors, restrict certain employees from accessing sensitive areas and managing your employees’ access.

Rather than giving each of your employees a set of keys to your business, you can opt to connect your doors to an access control system. Letting your employees access the business using specialized credentials, such as a key card, that they input into a reader to unlock the door. You can set the level of security and find the right balance between safety and convenience for you and your employees. When an employee leaves your company, simply deactivate their credentials to deny them further access.

With access control security, you know who enters your business, once they entered and what door they used. Using the report interface that comes with most access control systems, you can track where your employees are. You can also section off rooms or areas to only authorized employees and receive reports of suspicious activity, such as someone trying to get into somewhere they don’t belong.

Your features


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  • Connect buildings, departments, gates, and floors wire free
  • Easily mount Door Controller next to the door or in the drop ceiling
  • More peace of mind with advanced encryption
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  • Grow the system the way you want.

Access Control: Traditional vs. IP Systems

There are two prominent types of access control systems. The first is the traditional method of access control where control panels act as hubs for door readers, door locks, cameras and the system’s interface, usually a PC. The door readers and control panels connect with power and Ethernet cables wiring. The second, newer method of access control is called an IP system. This type of system connects the door readers directly to a network, usually through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Instead of control panels, these systems run usually through a less-bulky and easier-to-install network hub.

While IP systems are newer, there is still contention in the security market over which method is better. IP systems are much simpler to set up, usually just needing Ethernet connections to your company’s network rather than serial connections to multiple control panels. There is no limit to how many door readers can connect to an IP system. While in a traditional system, control panels can only connect to a handful of doors. So you’d need several panels to secure buildings with many doors. Ultimately, the system that would best suit your company depends on your needs. Some access control services offer both options and will work with you to determine which type would work best.

Working with Credentials

There are three forms of authentication: a physical credential like a card or key fob, a password or PIN, and biometric like a fingerprint. Biometric credentials gained popularity, with nearly every company on the list offering this option. Another method is mobile phone credentials, which involves using a phone app instead of a card. 

For highest security, use at least two of these methods. This practice requires employees to go through multiple safeguards before entering your business. If an employee leaves the company, whether they resigned or were terminated, their credentials should be voided instantly. Most control systems have an option to instantly revoke an employee’s access and can even detect suspicious behavior.

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Smart Cards

Smart Cards have computer chips in them that are programmable by the authorized user.  Just like a tiny computer.


A biometric can be used to protect secret data, such as a password, providing both security and convenience.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards pre-programmed computer chip inside them. These chips come with an FCCID number burned into them.


Access Control can also automate unlocking and locking on door(s) to a desired schedule and time.

Access Control System Installation

Access Control System San Jose provide expert installation. The number of doors that a building access control system can cover varies by company. Some companies cover as many doors you need, but limited by how many door readers each control panels support. You may need to install multiple control panels if you need to cover more than just a few doors, and that can be costly and take up space. In most cases, systems can accommodate an unlimited number of employees, with a few exceptions.

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