Big variety of designs

From the design of your gated entry project to the equipment selection, our Sales and Design team will assist in providing the most suitable proposal for your gated entry. We stand strong behind the quality of our installations and are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Need plans to build a sliding wooden gate for a driveway?

With our field experience, we can assist you to get your desired design. we have our own architects whom can take care of a new automatic gate design and drawings as well

We will discuss about all the things that we have to consider when designing a Driveway Gate Entry like level of security desired and building codes or requirements that may apply or how will pedestrians enter the property?

We design all type of gates:

  • Single Swing
  • Dual Swing
  • Single Slide
  • Dual Slide
  • Pedestrian Gate
  • Overhead Gate


1. Select a wrought iron gate design or wooden gate design.

2. Select a gate opening width as the finished dimension between the columns. All standard gates are made to fit 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′- openings. Any other size is available as a custom order.

3. Select a column height: For new masonry column construction, standard gate sizes fit columns 72″ high measured from the finished grade to the underside of the capital. Any other height is available and needs to be specified as a custom column height.

4. If a picket finial or gate frame finial different from those illustrated are desired, see Picket Finials and Frame Finials.

5. Standard pickets are 5/8″ solid square. If a heavier gate is desired, specify 3/4″ solid square.

6. If the chosen gate design includes a monogram, specify the letter to be incorporated into the gate design. If logos or custom artwork are desired, full size details should be provided.

7. If gate operator mounting hardware is to be fabricated by Gate Masters. specify gate operator mounting brackets and gate stops are to be included. Contact Gate Masters if additional information is required.

8. Select a color finish for your wrought iron fence. Standard finish is high gloss black. Custom colors are available at an additional charge.

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