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A malfunctioning gate is an inconvenience at best and a security hazard at worst. At Automatic Gate Masters, we understand the frustration and concern homeowners feel when their home's security is compromised – which is why we're dedicated to delivering top-notch gate repair solutions.

With a commitment to excellence and years of expertise with diverse gate systems across the Bay Area, we specialize in restoring functionality, ensuring security, and enhancing the aesthetics of your property.

Welcome to Automatic Gate Masters, your premier choice for gate repair services in Atherton, CA. Your gateway to safety, security, and convenience begins here.

Gates are an integral part of any building, and there isn't a day that passes without using them. From aesthetics to function and security, it serves multiple purposes at once. It’s the first thing everyone sees when entering homes and the first line of protection against intruders.

Therefore, having a reliable and durable gate is critical to protect your home throughout the day. Fortunately, you can find a reliable automatic gate company in Atherton which can provide you with quality gates at a great price. 


Why Should You Hire an Automatic Gate Company in Atherton?

Installing or repairing an automatic gate might appear simple at first, but it actually isn't. It's tricky even for someone with significant experience. Therefore, you should always hire a professional to do this work for the following reasons:

Reduces Risk

If you haven't had any training in automatic gate repair, you're likely to do more damage than good. Although you'll find multiple tutorials about it on Google & YouTube, that's not a viable alternative to the experience of an automatic gate company in Atherton.

Electric gates have sophisticated circuits and designs; pinpointing the actual problem is almost impossible for someone who is not trained in repairing them. A lot of things can happen that you're not anticipating and can cause damage to your door. Similarly, you can also hurt yourself in the process.

Saves Money

Contrary to what you might think, hiring a reliable automatic gate company in Atherton might be more cost-effective than doing it yourself. You don't know about all the parts that go into it. 

Moreover, you might not know about the actual problem and end up making matters worse than before. The automatic gate company in Atherton, like Automatic Gate Masters, is insured, so they are covered even if anything wrong happens.

Protects You From Damage

Repairing an electric gate is always risky, especially if you do it yourself. However, you can minimize this risk by hiring an Automatic Gate Company in Atherton, who can take care of the damages for you. They will take responsibility for any damage that does occur during repairs so you can have peace of mind.

Saves Time

Even if you have the required expertise and equipment to fix your electric gate, do you have the time to do so? Repairing an automatic gate is a time-consuming process that requires patience. If you work all day, you won't have the time to fix your gate.

Even on holiday, you're more likely to relax and spend time without your family & friends instead of fixing your gate all day. So, it is better to let the automatic gate company in Atherton take care of it while you go about your daily life as before.

Services Provided by Automatic Gate Masters In Atherton

We’re one of Atherton's oldest, most experienced, well-equipped gate installation and repair companies. Our services of automatic gate repair in Atherton include;


Maintenance & Repair

Automatic gates bring a lot of convenience to homeowners as they provide security and ease of use. As they can be operated with remotes or other wireless systems, you don't have to open or close the door manually.

Automatic Gate Company in Atherton, CA, like Automatic Gate Masters, provides repair and maintenance services for your electric gates so that they start running again. We have an experienced team that is well-versed in Electric Gate Repair in Atherton.


Automatic Gates Installation

We also provide automatic gates installation in Atherton. Our experts have years of skill and dedication to our customers.

A date is selected for installation, which usually takes a few hours or a day, depending upon the size and style of the gate. Moreover, the kind of power it requires, fencing complications, etc., also affect its installation.

The gates are installed with automatic openers that are usually solar-powered so that it's affordable and convenient for customers in the long run. All you need to do is to call Automatic Gates Masters, and we'll send our experienced staff, who are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining automatic gates.

They analyze the gate or the fence and suggest the most suitable gate, such as a swing gate, sliding gate, or double-swing gate. For instance, swing gates are perfect for narrower entrances, while sliding gates are great for places where fencing allows gate placement.

Our gates installation meets all the local and international standards for durability and safety. Our team ensures that only the highest quality gates are installed that last you a long time and provide years of valuable service to you. We provide a warranty with our service and guarantee maintenance so that minor issues are handled timely and prevented from becoming major problems in the future.


Custom Driveway Gates in Atherton

Automatic driveway gates are an excellent addition to your property as they add another layer of security between your family and the outside world. Secondly, they also add to the appeal of your property and make it more alluring.

By observing your property closely, you can decide the kind of electric driveway gate in Atherton you want. Usually, swing gates are the most popular choice among homeowners with a more extended driveway. However, homes with a steep grade or other site restrictions that might interfere with the gate are fit for sliding driveway gates. Besides, we also provide Gate Fabrication in Atherton at reasonable prices.

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Access Control Systems Installation

The access control system is an excellent way of keeping unauthorized and unwanted people out of your building. It keeps your employees and businesses safe and restricts employees from accessing sensitive areas. 

Two access control systems are available today, called traditional & IP systems. The conventional system uses a control hub for door readers and door locks, while the IP system connects the door lock and door readers to a wi-fi or ethernet network.

Although both systems are in use, IP systems are the latest and offer many benefits. They are pretty simple to set up, and multiple doors can be connected simultaneously. On the other hand, you have serial connections to various entries in a traditional system, and only a handful of doors can be connected. Both systems offer something to the users, and choosing one over the other depends upon your requirements.

Three types of authentication are available for access control systems: a card, pin or password, and fingerprint. Those who want their security to be as foolproof as possible use at least two of these methods so that employees have to go through a layered check before accessing the building. Terminated employees have their information voided instantly. These systems can also check unauthorized access and suspicious behavior effectively.

Automatic Gate Masters has a highly qualified team for installing access control systems. The number of doors this system can cover depends upon the company from which you purchased them. Some companies limit the use of door readers supported by each control panel.

A: If your gate isn't working, contact Automatic Gate Masters for Automatic Gate Repair in Atherton, as we have an experienced team of technicians capable of repairing your slide, swing, and overhead gate. You can call us at 650-560-4646 during regular business hours, after hours, or even late at night (after 9 PM). If your gate is malfunctioning or stuck, don't push it too much to avoid damage.

A: The gate maintenance usually involves washing & wax, which prevents the paint from wearing off. Maintenance also deals with pests like spiders and snails. Snails generally leave behind slime trails that destroy circuitry inside the board. White lithium is used to lubricate the moving parts to keep running smoothly.

A: We'll strongly advise against installing the gate opener yourself. It can only be done by an expert or someone working under expert supervision. The installation process is highly complex and requires an in-depth understanding of everything. Doing it yourself can also harm you or your surroundings, as electric circuitry is involved in this process.

A: It usually requires 3-5 hours to install a gate. However, it doesn't include transportation and fabrication time. The time a project takes depends upon how large or small it is. Usually, a project is completed by the afternoon, but that's not always the case.

A: Automatic gates come in 3 types: swing, sliding, and dual openers. Choosing one over the other depends on the terrain you're dealing with. If you choose a swinging gate, the cars will have to be parked far away from it. On the other hand, sliding gates are suitable because they allow the vehicles to be parked inside the driveway. However, sliding gates have more moving parts, so they tend to require more maintenance and face more problems.


Automatic Gate Master is a residential and commercial Automatic Gate Company in Atherton with highly qualified technicians. We automate the already-installed gates with a reliable motor to make the opening and closing convenient. Our capable team is also fully equipped for Electric Automatic Driveway Gate Repair in Atherton to bring you peace of mind.


Call us at (650) 560-4646 from 9 AM to 5 PM or email us at Info@Automaticgatemasters.Com for a free estimate today. You can learn more about us by visiting our website

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